Small Town MacTier

After moving here 11 years ago I wasn’t too sure about what I had signed up for, my husband Jim Miller was born & raised in this small town and at the age of 17 left to find work with the thought of always being able to come home to his roots and small town living in MacTier. He knew exactly what it was all about. Me, I was a transplant trying to make a life in a small northern town…. where everyone knows my business before I do and around town I’m still known as “Jim Miller’s wife”.
To be totally honest with you when I first moved here and told people I lived in a small town called MacTier, I would get remarks like “Shacktier” or “oh really” and other comments, not worth spending time on. It’s like I choose to move to the worst area and that the people here were all low life and that it wasn’t a good place to be.
I have always had an open mind and never like to pass judgement. After being here 11 years, the people that made those comments don’t even have a clue!
One thing I will say is that small town MacTier does have a charm of its own.
To me, what makes MacTier such a great place? The answer is simple. The people. Clearly, it’s the people that matter and you won’t find better people than those you find in MacTier and its surrounding area. It’s not just me saying so. Look around and you will see it also.
People willing to keep pushing, leaders willing to move things forward, and a community ready to come on board. You don’t need everyone but you do need a core group willing to try and in MacTier we have just that.
MacTier has community organizations that reach out to help those who need it most. Neighbors help neighbors rebuild after tragedy. We celebrate victories together and pull close in defeat. It is a tight knit group.
This couldn’t have been any clearer to me than last night as I attended a Fundraiser for a local family who suffered a tragedy. It’s the people!
I am proud to tell people I live in MacTier. I tell them, we don’t have stop
lights, kids can s13529202_10157290022745713_6330427742939861048_ntill ride their bikes around the town, we do campfires in the backyard, we trade time & goods for services and we look out for one another without wanting anything in return. What I always get back is “wow” sounds like a great place to live!” My answer “it most certainly is!”
Small town atmosphere is alive and kicking here in MacTier and for me I am enjoying the simple life it offers.
MacTier Proud!

4 thoughts on “Small Town MacTier

  1. While cottaging at 12 Mile Bay and working at the restaurant and gas station of The Woodsman, which is long gone, replaced by an off ramp, I met my husband Frank Neal, friends like the Simpson girls, the Rouselle girls, the Hardwick girls, and too many more wonderful people to mention. Muskoka, and Mactier in particular, remains a major part of my Toronto born life. We also returned, albeit to Bracebridge, to live out our retired years. We attended the fund raiser held in memory of Frank’s cousin Peter’s wonderful sons. There was an energy in the arena that corroborated everything you mentioned in your blog. Good work Mactier!

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  2. I arrived in MacTier at the age of five. That was 1944.
    My Dad had gotten a job on the railway.
    My Mom had distance cousins living there. Myrtle and Jack Simpson and Walker and Bet Mc Minn. Myrtle and Jack were brother and sister.
    All of a sudden I had Aunts and Uncles. Our family became part of their family. Even though many of the family has passed away, we are all still family.
    I was blessed to have being raised in MacTier.
    I am so happy 😊 for you.
    I now all the Millers. Went to school with Bobby, probably known nowadays as Bob. Gerry, Rays wife was my best friend.

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